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  I see a lot of people smoke, especially the men, some smoke because of pressure, smoking can relieve their mind, while some are for work, as everyone in the table smokes, he has to be one of them. The atmosphere makes people treat smoke as a means of social contact. We are taught that smoking is bad for health, every year, there are people die of the cancer which is cause by smoke, even the product of cigarette has written these words of smoking is bad for health. But the fact is that people ignore the damage and continue to smoke. We should stop smoking for the purpose of our health.我看到很多人抽烟,特别是男人,一些人是由于压力,吸烟能解压,然而一些人是出于工作,因为在桌子上的每个人都抽烟,他也要成为其中的一员。这样的氛围让人们把抽烟当做社交的一种方式。我们被教育吸烟是有害健康的,每年,很多人死于由抽烟引起的癌症,即使烟产品也要打上这样的标志语“吸烟有害健康”。但是事实却是人们无视危害,继续抽烟。我们应该停止吸烟,为了健康。

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  The one I love best is my granny. The one who loves me best is also my granny . She is so kind that everyone who knows her likes her very much. But I'm sorry to say that my dear granny got cancer.

  It was a cold day, but my heart was even colder. I could not accept the fact that my granny got cancer. Facts are facts. Only an operation could help her. The doctor told us she was too weak to be operated on, but my granny insisted that she could stand it. So the doctors did the operation. After the operation, my granny could not sleep, or eat, or say a word because of the pain .

  Every one of my family felt sad. My granny noticed this, so she tried her best to nod and smile to us . We smiled back. Every day, my granny said she felt better but actually the pain was still there. Once, she said to me, "Yangyang, my dear. I'll be all right."

  My granny was growing thinner and thinner, but she was still smiling. The smile gave us hope.

  The other day , I went to the hospital to see my granny . She said , "Spring is coming. Though I'm in hospital, I can feel the warmth. Yangyang I think I'll go home soon."

  How I hope she would be home soon!

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  Some people are lucky enough never to be sick, but most of us have to go tosee a doctor occasionally for examination and treatment. Doctors encourage people to have complete physical examinations regularly and not to wait until illnesses have become serious before having them treated. Everybody believes that 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,'but not everybody follows this advice.

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  July 9

  Dear Mr Smith,

  I was so pleased to hear from you and am writing to tell you something about my school. You are right. Quite a few changes have taken place. On one side of the road there is a new classroom building. On the other side, where the playground used to be now stands another new building-our library. In it there are all kinds of books, newspapers and magazines. The playground is now in front of the school. We have also planted a lot of trees in and around the school. I hope you come and see for yourself some

  Best wishes,


  The other day my brother and I went to the cinema by bicycle. My brother was riding with me sitting on the seat behind. As we came to the crossroads a young man and a girl came up and stopped us. ‘We‘ve found you at long last,’ they said. But we didn’t know them. Pointing to a policeman not far away, the young man explained, ‘He stopped us about half an hour ago and made us catch the next offender. So come on, stand here. Hope you don‘t have to wait as long as we did . Good luck.’


  My name is Li Hua. I was born in Dalian, Liaoning province in February 1977. I started school in 1984 when I was seven. I studied in Guangming Primary School from 1984 to 1990. After that I went to No.62 Middle School of Dalian and graduated this summer. The main subjects I studied at school included Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry and computer. I like English and computer best and I am very good at them. Last year I won first prize in the school computer competition. In my spare time I enjoy listening to popular music and collecting stamps. My favorite sports are swimming in summer and skating in winter.


  June lst,1995

  Dear Peter,

  We’re so gald you‘re coming to join us on Sunday. Here is how yo

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  Have personal, suffered two times in his life tragic accident.

  Unfortunately for the first time when he was 46 years old.

  An airplane accident, make him more than 65% of the skin are burnt out. In 16 times surgery, his face turned into a color board for skin grafts. His fingers, legs so small, and cannot be action, can only be collapsed in a wheelchair.

  Who would have thought that after six months, he personally drove the plane fly in the sky!

  Four years later, once again the unfortunate fate befall him, he is driving the plane on takeoff suddenly fell back into the runway, his 12 vertebrae are all crushed, permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

  But he did not take these disaster as his reason for depression, he said: "I can do 10000 things before paralysis, now I can only do 9000 kinds, I can also put the attention and eyes can do 9000 things. I had two major setbacks in life, so, I can only choose not to bring frustration as his excuse to give up efforts." Is the life of the strong, Mitchell.

  Because he never give up efforts to become a millionaire, public speaker, entrepreneurs, and also to gain a foothold in the political arena.

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Dear Mercy,


  How is everything going! Last time you said you are anxious now because you find it hard to learn English well. Don’t worry. I think you have to improve your English step by step. And I will right behind you. In my view, you should develop you interest on English first. According to my experience, I think watching English movie, listen to some wonderful English songs and talk in English on the Internet would be helpful. Secondly, you have to prepare lessons before class that will help you understand what the teacher says in the class. I know you feel bored in the class, but you have force yourself to be concentrated. A few days later you will feel it a little easy to learn English. The left steps I will tell next time. By the way, we have not seen each other since your family move to Hunan a year ago. Have you ever thought about going back to visit me and learn English together in the coming Summer vacation. Looking forward to your reply.


  Best wishes,




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  Mother said that the Mid-Autumn festival is our traditional festival, is also a day for the family, my aunt will take two little cousin came back from Hong Kong holiday, I'm glad to, but I have school today, it's very disappointing.

  When I came home from school, I saw my aunt and two little Cousins have come back. I told my cousin, "do you have any homework? Let's finish the homework and play again." The two of us began to do our homework carefully, and my aunt saw that we were good children. We were very happy, very proud and proud. When we finished our homework, my mother told us to have dinner quickly, saying that we would appreciate the moon later. We had finished our meal, see the cartoon for a moment, the mother call we ShangTianTai play, (we) to tiantai see, old grandmother already ready to enjoy the food, there are moon cakes on the table, apple, grapefruit, oranges, grapes, river, water chestnut and so on, I see more dazzling, really want to eat immediately, but person not here, so we have to play with my cousin and cousin for lanterns, little cousin's lantern is a house, my cousin is a dragon, I was a lamb. After a while, the man got together, the moon came out, the moon is really round and really bright! We were so happy that we were all around the table, chatting and eating.

  How time flies! We have to go to school tomorrow, so we have to go home early. What about next year's Mid-Autumn festival?

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  People plant a great number of young trees in the mountains.When the trees grow big and tall enough,they are cut down by workers and carried out of the mountains to the paper mill where fine paper is made from wood.

  Then it is taken to every corner of the country and used for different purposes.Some people use paper to copy writing,others use it to write something such as letters,reports and articles.

  When paper turns out to be of no use,the waste paper is collected and retreated in the recycling factory before being put into use again.




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  Thorough Understanding of Oneself

  in all ones life time it is oneself that one spends the most time being with or dealing with. but it is precisely oneself that one has the least understanding of. when you are going upwards in life you tend to overestimate yourself. it seems that everything you seek for is within your reach; luck and opportunities will come your way and you are overjoyed that they constitute part of your worth. when you are going downhill you tend to underestimate yourself, mistaking difficulties and adversities for your own incompetence. it’s likely that you think it wise for yourself to know your place and stay aloof from worldly wearing a mask of cowardice, behind which the flow of sap in your life will be retarded.

  to get a thorough understanding of oneself is to gain a correct view of oneself and be a sober realist -- aware of both one’s strength and shortage. you may look forward hopefully to the future but be sure not to epect too much, for ideals can never be fully realized. you may be courageous to meet challenges but it should be clear to you where to direct your efforts. that’s to way so long as you have a perfect knowledge of yourself there won’t be difficulties you can’t overcome, nor obstacles you can’t surmount.to get a thorough understanding of oneself needs selfappreciation. whether you liken yourself to a towering tree or a blade of grass, whether you think you are a high mountain or a small stone, you represent a state of nature that has its own raison deter. if you earnestly admire yourself you’ll have a real sense of self-appreciation, which will give you confidence. as soon as you gain full confidence in yourself you’ll be enabled to fight and overcome any adversity.

  to get a thorough understanding of oneself also requires doing oneself a favor when it’s needed. in time of anger, do yourself a favor by giving vent to it in a quiet place so that you wont be hurt by its flames; in time of sadness, do yourself a favor by sharing it with your friends so as to change a gloomy mood into a cheerful one; in time of tiredness, do yourself a favor by getting a good sleep or taking some tonic. show yourself loving concern about your health and daily life. as you are aware, what a person physically has is but a human body that’s vulnerable when eposed to the elements. so if you fall ill, it’s up to you to take a good care of yourself. unless you know perfectly well when and how to do yourself a favor, you won’t be confident and ready enough to resist the attack of illness.

  to get a thorough understanding of oneself is to get a full control of one’s life. then one will find one’s life full of color and flavor.